Wednesday, April 2, 2014

People and happiness

I somehow always thought that beautiful people are much more happier than the not so attractive ones

but today I saw very handsome young man and he was high or drunk or both

and I thought, but you are soooooo handsome, whyyyy do you need to use anything to be more happy, with the pretty face like his I'm pretty sure he is not familiar with being lonely and broken hearted

then I started watching passing people (yeah, waiting for a bus takes some time) I noticed, that beautiful girl paired with handsome man looked distant from each other, like two completely strangers with nothing in common, and behind them was a completely normal couple, not too pretty, not too ugly, but they looked so happy and they were holding hands and smiling to each other all the time

and I know, it may be coincidence, but looking on the photos of couples, who are happily married you may notice, that they are not super hot, but they look like if they belong together

while super hot girls do look hot, but almost all the time with different partner

here is my thought: super hot people are actually super insecure of themselves and they feel the need to try extra hard to look good and be popular to hide that under the mask of confidence

average looking people know that they are loved not because of how they look, but because of who they are and there is no need for them to hide anything behind the mask

I know I will never be super hot, mainly because I'm too lazy to do anything to my body whether it is fake hair or fake lashes

but I also know, that I'm that kind of girl with whom you will never be bored:) I know how to talk and what to ask and although I still think it is kinda sad, when you are called "you are funny" I am indeed funny and know how to make jokes:) i should stop forcing myself being more hot and admit the fact, that my personality may be weird, but is indeed awesome at the same time


realizing who you are will make you happy

there is no point of using masks

enjoy who you are

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