Saturday, April 26, 2014

Profile pictures

how do you take them?

it occurred to me, that none of my friends take photos on a daily basis

when we meet we talk, we laugh, we have some good time, but we never take pictures

and it would be hard for me to even try asking "hey, so, can you help me taking my profile picture? you know, like if I'm all that mysterious drinking coffee in a cozy restaurant thinking about global warming"

I always fancied those kind of photos, where women drink some coffee


the problems are that I do not drink coffee (I'm black tea person, Earl Grey!) , I'm not mysterious (but I'm lil bit on my mind) and I'm most definitely not thinking about global warming while drinking tea:)

therefore, that would be some fake photo

I have zero photos with my friends taken this year, I don't really know why, we just don't have time for that, there is just way too much talking to do:)

I do not post pictures here that often not because I'm shy, but because I'm not capable of taking good ones:)

I know how to use timer, but when I'm waiting for it, it looks like forced photo with forced pose and forced smile

and since I'm snow white and reflect light like the ice in the Arctic region, I always fail to set up all necessary options to take a normal picture

but I had profile picture that was taken year ago

thaaaaaats a little bit way too long ago:)

therefore to prove that I'm still alive and well and not some creepy man, here is my latest attempts in the "selfie zone":

I did not want to use such a blurry photo as a profile pic, so I changed it a bit to bring up some sharpness:

I love how my hair looks, when it is defined like that:)

see, I love hockey, but I'm definitely not a guy:)

I need to improve my photography skills


what I did not know is that my glasses break the lines of my face, do I really look like that when you talk to me, like if part of my face suddenly became thinner where the glasses are because of the lenses?I hope it is just because of the angle the picture was taken:)

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