Thursday, April 10, 2014

The best of the worst?

I love reality shows

like Project Runway :) watched even the side projects of it

or America's Next Top Model

or even Bachelor

I like the moment of competition, but have you ever noticed, that when you start watching the show and there are a lot of people still in it, you somehow think, woooooow, they are all so awesome

but the further it goes, the more you realize, that there is not a single person, who amuses you

not anymore

and when you see who wins, you forget about him the next day

it is weird, because you agree with the judges most of the time and they do make right decisions, therefore it is more confusing when you watch the final episode thinking, why are they still here and think where are those awesome people who were in the beginning

dissolved into the oblivion

it is sad, because it makes you think that you have zero skills in understanding people if you like somebody in the beginning and in the end you don't even care anymore

and it is just a television show

in real life it is even more sad

what is the point of being you, if you are only the best of the worst for one moment, before the new one comes

endless line of people

who do not stay in your mind

I remember only one designer from all of the shows I watched

Justin LeBlanc, may be because he is deaf, but I think because he is extremely kind and loving person and incredibly talented designer

I'm not ashamed to admit, that I cried like a cry baby, watching him doing his work

he is awesome

but nevertheless

one is way too little in the ocean of forgotten people

even though one is all you need

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