Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Useless you

and useless me

we can die together!

today I started thinking about how little do I know

yeah, me, who actually knows a loooooot

but then I imagined situation that I would like to offer to you

try that to feel how useless you are

I am engineer, I know how to assemble things and how to use complicated machines

but I would be useless in this situation: imagine you waking up in the exact place where your house used to be


and you are only surrounded by naked people waking up with you

and here is the twist

the population is still the same, but there is no single artificial thing left in the whole world


no knives, no wheels, no packed food, no hammers, absolutely nothing, only nature and you with your people

and now try to survive without anyyyything

we all know how things work in theory

but I think that the only thing I would be able to do is making a bonfire

I know how wheel looks and which it consists of, but I would not be able to make one, without modern things, I can't even imagine how can you do that from stones or wood or anything

I do not know how to make flour

I do not know how to make fabrics

I do not know how to make knives using fire and steel

where do I even get iron?

how do you feed cow, if you live in the forest

how do you even keep that cow

where the hell do you find cows in nature?

those things I do not know

absolutely useless

look at the things that surrounds you, can you make at least one of them? not like knowing how do you make them from products, but actually finding the needed ingredients in nature and turning it into that thing?

do you feel useless too now?

I do

we know how to do things, but we don't know how to create them

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