Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Watching The Bachelor ruined my life

okay, not like literally ruined, but explained that love does not exist

like, at all

yeeeeah, I learn from reality shows, but I came to conclusion, that there is no love like shown in the books or movies

there is no such feeling as "being in love"

everything is much more simple

you tend to be with someone, who makes you feel good, because you like that feeling

and it absolutely does not matter whether you are dumb or ugly


if at that exact moment man is looking for somebody dumb to make him feel good, you can be the most stupid person in the world

and it does not matter if you are ugly as hell, because if at that moment he is looking for that specific feeling, he will accept you as you are

and you can be "in love" with plenty people at the same time, because they make you feel good in different ways

and it must be completely normal, we are selfish and the only thing we care about is our own satisfaction and sometimes one person just can't give it to you and you need to get the necessary amount of that from many people at the same time

like the bachelor, when watching the show he surrounds every girl with attention and loves them all at the same time but for completely different reasons

and if you feel that you need more that one person for doing that, it probably means, that you can't get what you need and you should not try to keep the relationship that you have and look for somebody who will satisfy you

I may sound mean and heartless, but that thing which you call "finding the true love" basically means that you were lucky enough to find somebody who gives you emotions you need (whether they are bad or good) in the amount that you need and so you don't have to bother looking for somebody else

we are all selfish and every our action is just to make us feel better

the love is just a myth for weak people, who try to hide that by saying "oh, I love him for who he are and I won't change anything in him", that is a lie and you should start saying as it is "I love him, because he makes me feel good and if at some point he will not be able to give me that feeling, I will change him for somebody new"

everything we do is for our own need, even if you pretend that you care about saving starving kids in Africa, you don't care about them, but you like what you feel by doing that

some people need more complex emotions and the will always have mistresses

some people are simple and they find somebody very easily

but, please, do not trust movies, love does not exist as it is portrayed

love is just a short term for "you satisfy my needs"

and Joey was always right

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