Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Watching Game of thrones

after reading the books is like:

you will be dead next episode

you will be dead by the end of this season and you will be dead most likely in season 3

looking at the character knowing that almost all of them are going to die is pretty hard

but reading the books after watching the series may ruin the story

therefore I am currently finishing book 3 and starting watching Game of Thrones season 1:)

and just to make it clear, the series are like for kids, books are much much much much more darker


but I like reading it, mainly because of the fact that you don't know will he kill your favorite character in this chapter or will he let him live and who will betray who

my slogan: A Song of Ice and Fire - Bringing the inner beast out of you since 1996

because reading while waiting who will die next and how, is just not right:)

about the series, since I watched only one episode, I can't say much, only that I imagined Sansa Stark being much more younger and more elegant

I liked Cersei Lannister, her character is awful, but she looks just like I imagined her

so beautiful

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