Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flowers do not like me

I have a scratch on my hand that is deeper than the scratches my not so friendly, but still super awesome, cat gives me

I got it from some flower


wild rose or something like that

we were measuring pipes and I showed it next to the house and there were some bushes and flowers and I had not really checked what was there, because, like come on, it is a big city, it is a civil house, what can possibly go wrong


I guess the house owner is an evil person, because when I was going through that green monster I felt something on my hand and that something was some sort of sting stuck in my hand after making a 3cm long cut :) and it is deep

and it hurt

so who would put that evil thing under their own windows on free will?

only super evil people most likely with no kids

I was even bleeeeeeeeding

which is not good, when you climb in dirt and dust:)

I suppose my cat will give me a questionable look tomorrow asking "and who gave you that scratch? that's not mine!"


eeeeevil flower

I should get one

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