Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Helix and the Strain

are probably two most disappointing second seasons of the shows

Helix started great, but then it was the same thing all over again

I never watched it til the end

it is buried down in the depths of my SD card

the second season of the strain started, well, boring as hell:)

I am still watching the first episode

I could not watch it for longer than 10 minutes

the same crap oooover and ooooover again

I read the books and I know how it ends, so I am thinking is there any point of wasting my time, hoping it will get the beauty of the first season

did they change script writers of directors?

someday I will watch it

hopefully it won't happen the same like it was with Lost and Prison Break



I like those shows a looooooooooot, but on the last seasons of both shows it was like the writers tried too had and got too little

I probably need to watch them again:)

but knowing that Michael Scofield (aka Wentworth Miller, that man taught every girl how to spell his name - Wentworth) is gay will ruin the "OMG he is soooooo hooooooot, I want him" moment


what happened in Lost?

I lost it after they got back to the big land

you just need to know when to stop the series

not to make it too long (Lost) or too short (Backstrom)

was there even a real plane crush?

'gone looking for the Lost

and silently crying deep down inside "he is gaaaaaaaaay, men are so lucky to have that cutie pie in their team"

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