Monday, July 27, 2015

I want to live one day in Muslim family

just to know where is that breaking point, when from normal happy kids they become covered silent people

I see a lot of little Muslim kids and they look very happy, running and playing freely with other kids

but then at the age of 11-13 (I guess) they get inside that hijab and they don't interact with other kids so much

like if in one day they suddenly become old people

I want to see how do Islamic people raise their kids

what do they tell them, if kids agree to wear hijab even after turning 18

do they threaten them with death?

but how would you tell your daughter that you will kill her?

I am pretty sure they don't do that

but what arguments do they use, if kids give away their happy free childhood?

I have no idea

but at least they had their freedom when they were kids

no wonder there are so many Islamic terrorists

I suppose they just want to die to become free again

when I see a white Finnish women in hijab next to her Muslim husband I always remember Lilyhammer tv-show:
Hey, towelhead, listen, you might wrap your women like mummies back in Taliban country, but here we treat our broads with respect. Comprende?
but then again, it was her choice to change religion

I do not understand that

but I have to accept that

while making the same face Frankie boy did


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