Saturday, July 25, 2015

Indian rock


how about that :)

I like that song a lot, but video for European person is way too funny

and I am sorry for that, I laughed way too loud when I first saw the video (it is good, that I found the song before I watched the video)

all those over the top emotions are just too fake for us, but I do understand it is a part of Indian culture and laughing was not a good behavior

the song is awesome, though


just don't laugh, I know it is hard, so just close your eyes and enjoy the song


here, better listen without video and sing along

I never learned Hindi, but thanks to that song I now know at least two words: Sadda haq

if some hindi speaking person visits my world, would you be so nice and tell me is it saadda or sadda, because in the video you see signs with saadda haq, but the song, taken from official channel, is named sadda haq

Indian rock

there are so many rock cultures still unknown to me:)

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