Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oomph is still singing

like waaaaaat

that is probably the only German band that I like

but I was sure they are no longer performing

it is like the season of comebacks of the bands I listened to when I was younger


I could not find any new song on youtube

and I won't admit how I got the album

but it is an okay album

nothing disastrous

nothing genius


and that is good sometimes

as for those people who, like I, still don't know German, here is one of the old songs you will be singing despite the absence of language skill


gott ist eeeeein popstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

if you happen to be religious person (first of all, what are you doing here???) I should mention, that I had read the English lyrics, and that song will not hurt your religious feelings, it is not devil worship song

on the contrary


but I still like it a lot

gott ist ein popstaaaaaaaaar

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