Monday, July 27, 2015

Ron Swanson is awesome human being


fictional human being :)

I tried watching Parks and Recreation years ago

watched couple of episodes, did not understand why people like it so much and stopped watching

a week ago I was looking for some series, that I can watch in the morning, before going to work

people still like Parks a looooot, so I read the comments and the most important one was "live through the first season and the second season will make you laugh a lot"

it is good that there is only six episodes in the first season

and after watching them I started the second one and must I say: I was tired of smiling and laughing aaaaaall the tiiiiiime


those people are like walking books of funny quotes :)

if you need a good laugh watch the first season using fast forward from time to time and enjoy watching the other seasons

it is a reeeeally good comedy show


and there is Chris Pratt


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