Sunday, July 26, 2015

They are still singing

and they had not even made a break

started in 1994 they never made a long break

I guess they had not made anything great, if I had not heard from them in a while


and their new song Thank You

had you ever noticed, that you understand right away, when you hear somebody speaking, that that person is black?

they have something in their voice, that make them stand out

is it the way they pronounce words? is it the timbre of their voices?

I don't know

but when I first started listening to Sevendust I lived in the era of really slow internet:) so I had not had any picture of Sevendust

imagine my surprise, when I first saw on TV that the vocalist is black :)

he does not sound like a black person aaaaat aaaaaaall

my favourite song from them is Face to face

but like, come oooon, he sounds like an ordinary white man

mystery man

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