Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Empty construction site

we have a busy week this week

and today we went on the first site and it was still not ready, but at least there were men, to tell us when to come back

then we went to the second place

it was quite a big construction site (the one where you need to wear helmet) and it was empty

there were not a single soul

noooot one

and it was creepy, there will be two (!) new small apartment buildings and there were no construction workers

and we did not come at dinner break

unless the dinner break is now at 9:30

so there we were, standing on that construction site listening to the silence

it was like some horror movie

and at some point I was waiting for yeti to appear

because why the hell not:)

construction tools on the ground

empty cars

empty storage

like if something killed everybody and ate the bodies

I love my job :)

we came back three hours later and there were three men on the whole site

I guess the buildings will not be build any time soon if they work like that

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