Monday, August 31, 2015

Espoo should pay for my face lifting surgery

because each time I am in Espoo I am smiling non stop

and that causes wrinkles

I am already having those "smiling" wrinkles

should botox the hell out of it

but it is useless

because I will always smile :)

last Saturday we had pre season game, part of some mystery tournament called The Champions Hockey League

but every game is good enough when it is hockey game:)

we had our A team, so I went to the game

and we wooooooooooooooooooooooooooon


could had been 5:2, but one was "no goal" goal

we have serious changes in our team

completely new goalkeeper line

both Laurikainen and Nieminen went away and now we have swede Engstrand

well you should be outstanding goalie if you want the world to remember your complicated surname (ask Bobrovsky :))

I am not sure how I feel about Christian, because to my big surprise we kinda rock the ice now and most of the time we were on the opponent team side of the ice trying to score

both pucks that we had were kinda messy, so I did not understand was that the lack of skills of our goalie, or just bad luck

I am betting on bad luck, because when we played 3 on 5, the french guys had not score

O'Connor, Giliati, Kearns are no longer Blues men (did they chose whom to transfer based on the foreign name?:)

to my surprise Aaltonen is no longer our man too

as for the goaltenders I kinda understand why they traded both of them, because they were both equally outstanding on their best days and equally horrific on their bad days, so instead of switching them all the time the coaches probably decided to get the new one, to blame him if we will loose :)

since it was CHL game, my favorite sector 410 was not available, so I took 210 and to my surprise I was sitting right behind the players bench :)


I feel like I know them all now :)

I was the only person sitting behind the glass :)))


got plenty of looks and winks :)

that was cute:)

anyways, felt like I was with them, I saw the coaches drawing schemes, medic helping players, water boy (I'm pretty sure he is not water boy, but rather some junior coach or smth like that) arranging water (and he is hoooot)

my favourite Roope Talaja is apparently one of the shortest ones there:) that was easily noticeable in comparison to other backs lined on the bench, but I still think he is the hottest one in the team:)

loved that evening

gonna have my own hockey team someday :)

was smiling all the way back home

and every time somebody entered the bus I was thinking: Hello, wonderful people of Espoo!!!


for some strange reason Espoo people are super hot

both male and female

maybe because they don't live in the wasteland called Helsinki


I love Espoo

and I am counting the days for the new hockey season (that would be 11 days from today)

sometimes I think the only reason why I am still in Finland is hockey

and I am pretty sure it is so


sing along, my beautiful people of Espoo

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