Monday, August 31, 2015


I am not a big fan of this kind of music, but this song somehow got stuck in my head

Pave Paradise - Forgotten

can't watch the video, because everytime I see the singer I just want to stuff his stomach with potato and bread

skinny boys will always be boys

and at some point of time you need to become a man

but how can you become a man, if you are so skinny and all I can think about is: can you even hold a hammer in your hand without dropping it???

I seriously doubt it

well, now I will get plenty of emails saying that I am a bad person and not every man need to be big and so on and so on


my ultimate "being a man" test includes one question: can you build a house for us?

not like hiring people to build it

and maybe not even the fact itself, that you build it

but can you build it?

can you hammer a nail?

paint the walls?


looking at those skinny arms and skinny legs I may assume he is not familiar with hard physical work

but well

the song is still great:)

and some girls are looking for the skinny boys to stay teens forever


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