Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Found each other second time in a year

remember I told you about my Skype account disaster?

I lost the contact and to those ones I had been able to restore, I needed to send requests again

one of my friends had not answered

but I thought, that, well, she had been married for couple of weeks, she is definitely having much more interesting things to do

we were best friends when we were kids and then like it always happens lost contact with each other

she had found me in Skype this year to invite me to her wedding and it felt like we had always been friends :)

so I was not worried about her not adding me again until yesterday my friend told me, that she had been writing me all the time and I had never respond to her

well that was awkward

she thought I was mad on her, because on her wedding almost all of the food was meat and I was mad, that I had not had anything to eat

like cooome oooon

who could have been mad at that?:)

they knew, that I don't drink alcohol and there is Cola Light in my blood, so they specially bought me couple of cola bottles and kept it separate so that nobody would had taken them

like, hooooooow sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?:)

yesterday I send a request again and this time she noticed it and added me again

and we promised not to get lost again :)

I have the best friends ever!

4 closest friends

that is enough:)

as for the people with whom I suddenly stopped talking


if before my disappearance you had not had my big emotional explosion letter, well, that means I either have some technical difficulties with my phone or computer or I am dead

leaving without explanation is for the coward people only

and we aaaaaall know than I am not coward (unless there is yeti, insects or clown in the room, then I will be screaming and running away) and that I am immortal and never gonna die


I am glad, that I have you in my life!

You are all the best!

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