Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hysterical man is back

apparently he got in a fight with his wife


I am afraid of that man

the way he talks to his wife is just too scary

I updated my Russian curse language skills mostly because of his phone talks

and I have my door always closed

aaaaand headphones on my head

imagine how loud he screams, if I still hear everything

and his mother (from whom I am renting my room) does not seem to mind that her son talks so disrespectfully with woman

like I already mentioned, in my family and among my friends that kind of behaviour is unacceptable

and it still scares the shit out of me, that maybe most of the men are like that and my circle of people is just that little society of adequate people

not hysterically screaming people

hysterically screaming men should be reason enough to put that person in rehab

to grow some balls and act like a man, if he failed in doing that himself

another reason why you should create a family only when you are 100% sure and willing to compromise, and not because "but my mother told me it is time to get married and have kids"

want to have a stable family?

marry a person, whose parents we not divorced

that simple it is

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