Saturday, August 15, 2015

I am going to miss this time

on Monday Mr Sunshine is going back to work

that means that our girls team will no longer exist, because the new girl will be working with Pure Evil (and they are really good with each other) and I am going back to being the shadow of Mr Sunshine

don't get me wrong

Mr Sunshine is super mega awesome man

but I like being in charge of what I do

I like climbing like squirrel

I like asking a lot of questions

I like drawing pictures

I like that pipe nation people are finally taking me as a qualified person

I like that pipe nation people call me now telling me something or asking when we will be there

it was a lot of fun

a lot of problems

a lot of good memories

a lot of bruises

a lot of compliments and kind words


but now I am most likely will be that person, standing alone on the top of the hole with clean boots

and that is soooo nooooot gooooooood

at least I will be working with Mr Sunshine again

and he is super positive man


and you know what?

since pipe nation people started calling me I am once again confident, that my man is probably Finnish

because all of them have amazing voices

so soft and so tough at the same time

one of them especially

when he calls it takes me couple of seconds not to melt like a snow on a sunny day, but to stay focused :)

Finnish men - tough on the outside, soft in the inside


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