Saturday, August 15, 2015

I am ill


but well


the new girl was feeling ill the whole week and I am surprised that it took me so long to catch it from her, because usually one hour next to sick person and I am ill as well

I guess my overly vitaminised  body is getting stronger when it comes to not catching viruses:)

anyways, today I woke up with head ache, running nose and burning alive skin

I am like a torch man today :)

what would be nice in the winter time, but definitely not when it is 25 degrees outside and you don't understand is it you, or is it the sun burns

I need to learn how to paint pictures

then I will draw my self portrait

squirrel in Espoo Blues t-shirt, work pants, with burning fur, holding book in one hand and lipstick in the other


after work I only wear dresses, though

I need to take some painting classes


but first, I need to get well

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