Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I am stripping your soul

I have a new hobby now

I am taking your soul and strip it from the armour it has to see what is inside

and for the last couple of days my face expression looks like that:

suddenly the bad people are not bad, and the good people are actually not thaaaat good

we are like decorated christmas trees

some of us seem like good people, because we had chosen the beautiful decorations

some of us seem like bad people, because for some reason we decided to chose the ugly decorations

but when you take all of your decorations off and see the tree under them


that tree may surprise you

I am over analysing people now

taking off their decorations (which mainly based on the words you say and the everyday actions you make)

taking off the bad ones are harder

but when you do that, you see, that in bigger picture that bad things that had been done to you, were actually good for you

and that good what had been done for you, was actually bad things masked under the good ones

and you just sit there and don't understand what the hell did just happened

good looking christmas tree we are

hiding the bad tree trunks

who the hell are you, people???

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