Monday, August 17, 2015

I made a wrong choice today

and now I have to live with it for at least half a year






nothing serious

just a soap

literally, a soap



it is important

I had three soaps to choose from
my favourite smells: Lily of the valley (surprise, surprise) and violet lilac

ant the third one, because I thought maybe I should stop using lily of the valley and lilac so much and add some other flowers


my heart told me to take violet lilac

but my stalin brain demanded philosophia soap

and my body does what my brain wants

so I took the big bar

and it loooooooks baaaaaaaaad

it looks like a soap our grandparents used to wash the clothes

ugly light brown soap

not fancy at all

the smell is strong and I guess kinda pleasant

I should test it to decide, is it good enough to keep it ignoring its strong smell and ugly look, or should I put on my lovely lilac soap

the philosophia bar is so big that it will take me probably the whole year to use it (and I use soap at least twice a day, plus endless times of liquid soap use, I should probably stop using soap so much)

it was a wrong choice, and I have to live with that now



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