Monday, August 17, 2015

Inability to come back

when I am not too lazy to walk, I take a somewhat 10min walk to the building I live in (not my home, still not my home)

there are multiply ways you can reach my building

the shortest one is a straight road, one left turn, short straight walk, cross the road and another left turn

but when you take that road you end up in need to walk somewhat 10m back to reach the building

super short way

but I almost never take it, because of those damned 10m

I understand that it is the shortest way, but I refuse to accept the fact, that I need to walk those 10m twice

it is like why do I need to walk those extra 10m (well, d'oh, because the crossroad is there and I still can't walk through the buildings to go straight to my building) and then walk the same 10m back to come to the entrance

it is the shortest way

but most of the times (95%) I take the longer one

going straight, turn left, going straight, turn right, going straight, cross the road, turn right, go straight, turn left

it is obviously longer, but I take it, because I end up coming to entrance from the right side without the need to return

always moving forward

that's the way I chose my paths

even though it looks illogical

and it is

but I had asked couple of friends, do they do that

and to my surprise they do

all of them would prefer to take slightly longer way to reach the building rather than the shorter way, but with the necessity to come back a bit

I asked only girls, but will the boys chose the shortest or the "always moving forward, without returning back" way?

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