Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My parents want me back to Estonia

as they rightly noted: you will get as much as you get in Finland now, if you take all that expensive rent and public transport off the salary and you have family here

and they are right

I counted

in terms of money I will only win if  I come back to Estonia

my father earns good money, so there was no need to go to Finland to me

besides three important things:
  1. hockey
  2. handsome men
  3. interesting job

in that exact order:)

hockey season starts in a little more than one month and since we "Believe and never give up" we are going to win this season, I would not want to miss that

as for the men


I said it before and I am going to say it again: most handsome men live in Finland

I don't know why, but it is like living in the candy shop, that good they look for me:)

sometimes they just need to cut those long hair off and learn what is a beard trimmer and they will be perfect:)


as I mentioned before, THEY DON'T TALK

unless they are drunk

or married

if a man is not drunk, but he is talking to a woman in full sentences, you can be sure, even without looking at his finger, that he is married:)

I can't stand drunk people, so when some drunkie tries to introduce himself I am just smiling politely, pretending I don't understand him:)

I don't like my job, I love my job

especially now, since I have much more responsibilities

apparently I love being responsible for the things I do:)

but Pure Evil still treats me like another pointless foreigner

he talks to new girl about work stuff

and I no longer give a shit about that

it is my name on the papers and it is my responsibility to measure everything right

even the new girl says: if you think that is good enough, then be so, because it is under your responsibility


I guess she is my secretary when it comes to talking to Pure Evil


what irritates me a lot, is when I don't know how to measure something new, I ask how to do that and get no response


I always have the same joke as an answer: you measure it like you measure everything else



very helpful

it is not like I talk all the time and if I talk, that means I really need to know something

so I get annoyed getting the same stupid joke answer and by the time Pure Evil decides, that it is the right time to finally answer something to me, I am already so pissed off that I barely listen to him

the only thing that works with him is showing pictures, I just take a picture of the object and usually after 12 AM ask him again about the same thing

it is his changing time, after 12 AM he is usually very calm and kinda friendly

I have no idea why

but well

Finnish people eat salmiakki as a candy

they are weird people:)

as for the pipe nation people, most of them accepted me as a nominal leader of the surveyor group

couple of them still refer to the new girl when they need to say something, but that's okay

she is awesome :)

and I am a foreigner:)

not a hard thing to understand:)))

I like my pipe nation people a looooot

they are all so different and if I go, I am gonna miss them a lot

everybody has a nickname in my head

I can't stop giving nicknames:)

The Gentleman, The Ladies Man, The Pirate, The Sad Man, Robin without Batman, The running eyes, The Bitch (he is a very nice man now, but once you become the bitch, you will stay the bitch), Smiling potato, Mirror man, Ghost man and my new favourite for the couple of weeks Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man

everytime I see him I just want to say Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and stuck my head into his shoulder like cats bump their heads into the person they like:)

he has some very strong male vibe

and it is not like if I want to date him and marry him, but more like: if the world is going to end I know who can save me from everything

and it is not the things he says, but something in his nature, something that attracts me without understanding what it actually is

and that is why I always wanna say Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to the Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man


I love my job

lots of interesting people

but if I get salary, that I can have in Estonia doing the same job, without spending it on expensive living, transport and ship tickets


does not it show the lack of respect from my bosses?

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