Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Not all men are brave

unfortunately they are not

you see, I grew up in some sort of not so fancy district (our school still ranks among the worst schools in Estonia and that proves that no matter how shitty the school is, if you want to study you will study, I am the living proof of that, never took extra lessons, graduated from school with silver) and and all the boys from our company were kinda brave (when we were kids) and kinda wild :) tough times:)))

my dad is brave

my grandpa was brave

almost all the men I knew in my childhood were brave (except for that one monster on whose grave I will dance one day)

therefore I still remember the day, when I realized the world is full of cowards

at first I thought he was joking, when I asked him "would you help some woman if you see, that some man attacks her"

he said no

I laughed

he said "I am serious"

and I was shocked

then I started noticing, that the older I get, the more coward men there are around me

sometimes I watch reality shows and see men, who has nothing to do with being brave

and women like them

and I am sitting here wondering "WTF???"

being brave is not about not fearing anything

it is about how you deal with your fears

and I do not understand how the hell did that happen, that nowadays not being brave is perfectly fine

it is like you took the pack of wolves that there was in school and see them degrading into rabbits

and you are standing there thinking, but but but where are the wolves now?

that is not normal for me

if you are a man reading this post, I hope you are brave and not like those rabbit men who are multiplying like, you know, rabbits


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