Monday, August 10, 2015

Sleep is for the weak ones

and I am weak
please, let me sleeeeeep


being mass murderer who I am, I killed plenty of flies this summer and now I got the bitch slap back from karma

for already a week, I have some huuuuuuge flying insect living in my room

I saw it only twice, but I hear it every night




I obviously tried to find where it hides, but had not succeeded in it and that is another mystery for me, I have some hidden place in my room with possibility of hundredths insects silently multiplying there

it can be everywhere

even though it feels like if I already checked everywhere

I am afraid of insects

to the state of feeling panic attack sometimes

so every time I see the Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii man now, all I can think about is "can I use your room for sleeping while you guard me from insects?"

it is good, that I was in Estonia for two days

twoooooooo happy nights :)

with a build in insect killer (aka my cat, not good in catching, but perfect in eating)

I want to sleep

without waking up in cold, because I heard that bitch flying somewhere

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