Monday, August 24, 2015

You create problems where there are none

I am not working for Finnish government

I am definitely not working for police (even though I want to)

I am not a secret agent

I am a construction surveyor

nothing top secret

now here is the question

why do I need a high standard photo for my work id card???

I understand that I need to take my glasses off when I take a picture

I understand, that my long fringe should be put away from my face

I did it for both my Estonian driver license and my Estonian ID card and passport

yesterday I got a letter saying that my photo is not valid, because of some criteria number 13 (or something like that)

apparently it states, that all of my hair should be gathered up, so that not a single hair would be on my face





and that was one of the endless requirements apparently that our company have for "the right work id photo"

are they like, insane?

I do not even want to start to debate about, okay, I will look like an alien on my photo, so that you will fill all the needed requirements, but then all of the boys should shave off any facial hair that they have, no matter how short the moustaches are, because they have that one cm of their faces not open

sounds hypocritical?

but it is exactly how things are done in Finland

they create problems

they need to standardize every single little thing and then make sure that every single requirement is filled

they have instructions for everything



maybe they don't think wasting time, paper and money on that nonsense is not okay

but for me it is

they need special card for working on construction site (a whole day you will waste listening about why you should not jump from the roofs and so on)

they need special card for working on railway (in addition to that day, that you wasted before, you need to waste another one to basically know bunch of information you will never use and the main point of the course is: do not jump in front of moving train)

every card costs around 100eur

maybe more

it is like if Finnish government thinks that Finnish people are extremely stupid


apparently, there is no such thing as common sense here

everything must be on paper

if I were Finn, that kind of behaviour from my own government would be disrespectful for me

one of the laws says that there can be no advertisement of alcohol drinks on streets, vehicles (even the ones that carry the beer), no mention of alcohol in the name of the bar (?????????????????????????which basically means if I want to name my OWN bar something like Lapin Kulta Bar (that's the name of local beer) I can't do that, and they don't give a shit, that it is my own bar, my own property and my name (if I bought the right to use that name from the mother company)


because it may affect kids


that's why :)

they think that seeing advertisements make kids wanna go buy a drink

they think, that kids are so stupid, that if they remove the advertisements kids would instantly forget about beer

I sincerely do not understand it

it is like if you cure headaches with a pill of painkiller

that would help

to remove the symptoms

but not to solve the real problem

the problem why your head aches so bad

kids see, that their parents drink in the family

kids see, that they can buy drinks, because the people working in stores don't give a shit about to whom they sell that beer

but you don't solve those problems


you just create laws, that are absolutely nonsense and then create some ton shit of rules and requirements for every single thing

which eliminates any need for thinking by yourself

I noticed that a lot of problems here are caused by the fact, that Finns are so got used to living under strict rules, that when some unforeseen situation happens they do not know how to solve it and they just panic

if I were Finnish man I would drink almost every night just to feel free

free of those rules, laws, requirements, expectations

the government takes the half of your freedom

the feminists take the quarter of your freedom (gender neutrality crap...GENDER NEUTRALITY!!!! which basically states you should be ashamed that you are a man and you should be ashamed that you are a woman and the only gender is neutral, faceless person with no gender signs, because that is sooooooooo riiiiiiiiight)

the work takes another ten percent of your freedom (don't forget to shave your beard)

which leaves you with 15% for your personal use

out of your own 100%

because the laws, the rules, the requirements say so

and you give it away

because by the time you finish school and graduate from college or university, you already know, that there is no point in fighting

dear Finnish men

I feel sorry for you

and I understand why you drink

but soon you will wake up in prison, surrounded by immigrants, because your government decided yesterday that because your white skin scares the shit out of immigrants and you did not participate in getting a special card for "How to hide your ugly fair skin and eyes, so that the lovely people of Southern countries would feel like home" they will send you to prison

because they can since yesterday

obviously I am exaggerating, but you got my point

if you let your government to dictate you the name of your own property


tomorrow they will take that property away

you are not stupid, even though your government treats you like if you are stupid

is not it the right time to wake up and do something?

Is not it?

just to make it clear, I do not drink alcohol

and growing up being a kid surrounded by alcohol advertisements I did not start drinking

kids are not that stupid

people are not that stupid

don't try to make them feel like that

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