Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Black opium

since the summer is finally over I am swimming not only in the rain, but in Black opium again

I'm sorry super lovely Lily of the valley, but your time is over

Black opium is back, biiiiatches


it is everywhere now

on my clothes, on my hair, on my bed, but mostly on my hands

I use it in the industrial scale

the smell of it probably appear before I enter the room

I missed it sooooooooo muuuuuuch

so if you know me in person, I am sincerely sorry, that I use it so much now, but just give me a little time to fully enjoy it :)

I need to buy new bottle:)

I have one here (almost finished it) and one in Estonia and my niece told me, that each time she smells it for her the scent changes everytime and she is still not sure whether she likes it or not, but she was always into sweet scents, while black opium is definitely not sweet:)

that is what every fragrance should do, be interesting:)

I am sleeping in black opium only

because why the hell not

I love it so much:)

still not a big fan of the bottle design, though

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