Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Delicate subject of racism

should not be so delicate at all


if I do not like black people living in my country that does not mean I am racist, that means I just don't like the fact that black people are living in my country, they can live happily in some other country, just not mine

I do not want to kill them

I just don't like them on my land

it is not that disastrous

it is a matter of personal opinion

and that is my opinion

we should not take in refugees and then rearrange our lives to fulfil their demands and needs

I think it is wrong, that you put refugees in the school building and then tell girls to wear more clothes not to provoke the refugees men


you literally put your own people in danger situation to look nice to world community

I do not understand that

people are not equal

you should always pick the needs of your own nation before you start choosing the other people

you should always protect your own people

but nooooooo

just to look all that good and fluffy you take a lot of refugees and then cut one third of vacation money from working people, because you no longer have money to support everything



it seems to me your people are like Russians

they start slow, but then explode into something bad

and listen carefully now, if you continue your politics, you will face the rage of your own people

I am sure about that

because you forget, whose land it is

not theirs

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