Monday, September 28, 2015

Down syndrome

Dear people with down syndrome

I owe an apology to you: I am sincerely sorry

I used to think that all people with down syndrome know...typical down people, who can't talk properly, walk properly or do anything besides smiling

the image you get from television


couple of weeks ago we were working in the city and two men with down syndrome came to me asking what am I measuring

I guess my face could had been the perfect picture for describing "jaw dropping expression"

because they looked like people with down syndrome (you can do nothing with that, those are physical symptoms like slanted eyes and flat nasal bridge) and had that specific walk

but the fact, that they knew that I am not taking pictures, but rather measuring for me was surprising

and what was more surprising is the way they talked

not every Finn pronounce the words as clear and right as those two men did

if you close your eyes you would not even think, that those men have down syndrome

they were wearing working clothes too and seemed like they were working in the park doing the gardening work

I was shocked and embarrassed of what I had thought before

it is true, though, that most of them are, indeed, too mentally challenged to fit into society, but not every one of them

I googled it and found a lot of people with the down syndrome who are smarter than me and they could had been really successful if they looked like ordinary people without those physical symptoms

I imagine how hard is it for them

to be the outsiders of the group of outsiders

due to their illness they belong to the group of people with down syndrome, but they are too smart to belong there and not looking healthy enough to be a part of the group of ordinary people

they don't belong to any group

like I prefer to keep distant from people with diabetes who are obsessed with their health and measuring their glucose level every 2 hours

we should make a group for outsiders of outsiders

but once again: not every person with the down syndrome is a typical down person, and I apologize for thinking that way before

I am sorry

I was wrong

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