Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy New Autumn!!!


the evil season (aka summer) is oooooveeeeeeeeer

hello wonderful days of colored leaves and autumn rain

I looooooooooove when it is raining

what not to love?

it is like swimming for lazy people

you are technically in the water and you are moving (when you are walking under the rain)

it is like perfect solution, when you want to swim, but too lazy to go to the beach


if somebody asks you "what are your hobbies?" you can answer: "swimming....IN THE RAIN!!!!! because swimming in the water is too mainstream"


I can guarantee, they will instantly hate you:)

I still don't understand why people hide under umbrellas when it rains

you are swimming and having mother nature massage at the same time

never gonna understand that

and I am that person, who can walk out with straight hair and come back with curly, because humidity is not a good friend to my hair:) and even that can't change my mind: walking under the rain is aaaweeeesoooooome

and waking up when it is raining is amazing

especially when you don't need to go anywhere, just turn on the lights, grab a book, make a cup of tea and enjoy the sound of the rain

I feel sad for people who live in places with no season change

we have all 4 of them and we enjoy it!

Happy new autumn!!!!

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