Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I do not understand concept of running

I do not like running

I gave up on it couple of years ago, if you are with me for a long time here now, you probably remember my attempts to become a runner

I do not understand why people run

running is for the weak ones!


I said it


there is only two real reasons for running: when you are running away and when you are chasing somebody or something

running away from something should not be morally allowed at all

running away from problems as well

running away from killer is not an exception, you will only die tired and unable to defend yourself because you are so tired

you have the brain and you have the strength

you don't have to be super strong to protect yourself, just watch those self defence videos, learn basic tricks and do not be scared to use them

running away may save your life, but it will just mean, that you are trading your own life for somebody else's life

he won't kill you

he will kill the next girl

and you could had stopped them

I know it is easy to discuss that when adrenalin is not running in your veins and you are not standing in front of a dangerous person

but I am one of those ones who are not afraid to die:)

running for something or somebody does not require you training your running skills

almost everybody (except for people who are physically not capable of running) can sprint

run fast for a short period of time

if you need to run longer than you are able to sprint, then it is your fault of not foreseeing the possible course of events

I run to metro when I am late

that is almost every morning:)

it is my fault of not planning my time right and I pay for it sprinting for 10-20 seconds and that is enough

I do not take running as a serious sport

you don't need to play in team, you don't need to have any skill whatsoever

all you have to do is move your legs and arms in one certain way

that's not sport

that's physical activity for lazy people

but not a real sport

when somebody says that "I run every day"

all I can think about "But...whyyyyyyy?"

it is not super healthy as well

just look at all of those problems the runners have after finishing their "careers"

stop running!

start fighting :)

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