Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My guilty pleasure

shows with DNA test results


I love how they sit there being not sure who the father is

those kind of shows bring the worst out of every girl

we are judging people we don't know only because there is a chance, that he is not the real father

and I love that feeling, not knowing too and being a little bit too excited, when dna test results are opened


sometimes I watch it with family and we are betting on who is the real father

it is definitely not a right thing to do

and it is definitely disrespectful to those poor girls trying to prove they were honest

even if they know they were cheating on husbands:)

that's like the vanity fair

or childish behaviour

"I will pretend it is not real and it will become not real"

they look so surprised when the result come in and the husband is not the real father


whyyyyyyy are you surprised after all, forgot how you cheated with your friend?

and indeed they may forget it, because they decide to forget it:)

like kids

or like I do hiding under the blanket when I see some oversized bug flying in my room thinking "if I don't see it, it may be gone"



I love those shows:))

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