Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Overpriced things every girl should have

I am not talking about expensive bags now, but smaller useful things with unreasonable prices on them

like beautyblender

best make up sponge EVAAAAR


that little sponge costs around 20 eur, but it is worth every cent

applying foundation is so much easier, than using fingers or brushes

will save you lots of nerves :)

it is literally, like photoshop if you have right foundation:)

I also tried Real Techniques sponge, because I looooooove their brushes

it is almost as good as beautyblender and costs a little bit less (around 13-15), but I don't like the flat edge and I never use it

another thing boys will never accept when they see the price is Invisibobble


the little pack of three hair rings cost 5-7 eur :)

I have two different packs of Invisibobble and one wannabe, that cost 1 eur and must I say, they look the same, but the cheap one had already lost its structure and to get it back you need to boil it in a hot water, but who the hell have time for doing that, if you can buy the original ones and forget about extra stuff


I use it every evening before going to sleep to keep my wet hair off the face, while applying moisturiser

and it keeps it so soft yet tight enough and it does not tear your hair off, when you take it off

I have the usual hair ring on my hand all the time, it is like a bracelet with the function of holding your hair, I use it at work, when I need to keep my hair off the face and I am a little bit sad each time I see how many hair did it take off with the ring. I do not take the invisibobble, because for my taste it is too big to be on the hand all the time, but I had seen plenty of girls keeping them as useful bracelet, but it is the matter of taste

anyways, if I use it every single evening, it must be useful and worth those 5 eur:)

but when you look at the prices you understand, that 85% of that you are paying for the brand

but then again

if the similar cheap alternatives are worse than the originals, then it may mean that you are paying not for the brand, but for the quality too


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