Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sleeping kingdom

I do not understand how that happened

but the day autumn started was the day cold weather came


I guess it was a big pressure on bodies and people here are all in sloth mode now

if you know me personally, you know, that I am suuuuuuuuper sloooooooooow in the mornings :)

eating breakfast takes me at least an hour:)

well now waking up takes me another 15 minutes :)

it feels like if I just closed my eyes and the next second it is 5 AM already

for the past three days I am sleeping all the time

I come after work, eat, read newspapers and at 6PM going to bed and sleep for another 3 hours waking up at 9PM only because I need to eat again:)

in metro it is sleeping kingdom as well now

usually people read Metro newspaper and surfing the web, but this week it is mostly bunch of people with closed eyes trying to get a little bit more sleep

I have no idea, how all those refugees will survive our winter :)

do they even know how cold can it be here?

run away back to your country, you will freeze to death here, because you had no transition period and from your eternal summer (that you are always so proud of) you will come straight to our cold heartless weather that only northern people can truly appreciate and respect


you know

The winter is coming


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