Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why do you create idols?

I had noticed that almost everybody has some sort of idol to worship

I would not same "a role model", but rather somebody who is more successful than you

which is weird for me

you basically admit you are not good enough to be yourself and need somebody to hold on to

all those "he has better job, more money, hotter look, better style" talks

don't get me wrong

it is good, when person has goals and tries to achieve them

but it is weird, when you have goals of some other person and try to achieve them, just because you find that person being a better man than you are

I am sorry, but I won't be unsatisfied with my life just because some other is doing better than me

my life sucks, but it is my life and I don't need some idol to make it better

my role models are my family members

and if you know us personally, well, we are a pack of weird people, but we are a pack of weird people without the need to prove we are the best to every single person on planet Earth

we are awesome in our opinion and that is enough:)

and if you are still looking up from the depths of your miserable life to reach for the life of some pop star or any other man, well, honey, you will always be down there trying to get out and when you do, that is when the drugs come to your life, because you were living the life that was never yours and you reached the goals, that were never yours

do not create idols

you are too good for that!

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