Monday, October 5, 2015

Are white people...dead?

I am reading again the books I had read when I was a kid

I do not remember them almost at all

just the main idea of the book

this week my book is Jules Verne "Captain Grant's Children"

found one interesting thought: some Australian aborigines thought, that white people are black people risen from the dead

well, that...kinda,,,makes sense:)

are white people just dead black people?

of course not, but I never thought that we look weird for black people

maybe it is hard to accept  for them, that we don't have color in our skin:)

if to take it to the whole next level, maybe white people are civilized zombies, who managed to reproduce themselves

because why the hell not :)

it is generally believed, that our ancestors were from Africa and had typical African people features and white people developed mutating from generation to generation until we become as pinky white as we are

but if we are already mutants

why can't we be civilized zombies at the same time?:))

maybe the first of us were, indeed, risen from the dead


maybe deep down black people still don't feel comfortable with white people, because we are dead for them

maybe I am legend had some truth in it

only that we were capable of being normal like-human beings

you can think what you want

but this week I believe I am zombie


oh, and if you are afraid of dead people

just don't come here


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