Monday, October 19, 2015

Finnish people will be perfectly fine in hell

if it is Crowley's hell


Finnish people stand a looooooooooooooot in lines

and by saying a looooooooooooot

I really mean it

went to Rise against

waited in the line to enter the arena

just to ENTER

and I came after all of the warm up bands were almost finished (so the main crowd was already there)

waited for 10-15 minutes


long line

then I waited for another 15-20 to give away my jacket and pay for it

I find it impossibly stupid to wait in line, when you want to buy a service

I bought a ticket, why would I want to spend my time waiting in line

is not it more logical to open all the doors at once and make couple more temporary wardrobes?

but nooooooooooo

Finnish people love standing in lines:)

I remember going to Metallica in Estonia many years ago and there were 75 000 people

I had not waited for more than couple of minutes

because with the right organization skills you will not have those waiting lines

but since all of Finns were perfectly fine with than

I guess they should not be afraid of Crowley's hell


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