Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I am sorry

it bothers me that so many people know about this place

I can't write what I really think, because it may hurt their feelings

I can't post pictures I want to post, because it may hurt their feelings

does the fact that I am breathing hurt your feelings too?

how about you leaving and me staying in my silent harbour with my uncensored thoughts

I want to go back to when I could had written any crap I wanted about any person I knew (with no real names used)

now this place is like Finland trying to look good, while desperately not wanting any refugees

I am trying to keep this place censored for my friends, while desperately not wanting to do that

so I have a suggestion

how about you leaving this place?

because I will be writing the shit I want

and I can promise you, my thoughts will hurt your feelings and I will lose some of my friends

because, like I already mentioned, people do not want to hear anything bad about themselves and it does not matter if I think, that they are good, if I don't like some part of their personalities it automatically assumed, that I do not like that person

I like all of you

I just don't like some of your actions


this is a polite warning

if you are not capable of reading something that may hurt your feelings, you should forget this place

because I am tired of playing the good girl


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