Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I like my dresses tight and short

I am in Heidi Klum team :)

my dresses now a little bit too short and a little bit too tight

but I suddenly found that I actually have very nice legs:)


I somehow always shared that old opinion: if she wears dress that is too short then she is definitely some whore


you can probably call me a whore now:)

because all of my dresses are short now

and I do get those judgemental looks from women

and I am okay with that

because if I like to wear those dresses

I will do that no matter what you think:)

I had wasted way too much time thinking about what other people think about me and how they see me

and that led me to low self-esteem and miserable life

my life is still miserable

but my self-esteem is no longer near being low:)

I, personally, do not think a dress can be too short

like my mother says "if it covers your butt, it is not too short"


my family is the best!

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