Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I love Rise Against

I really really really do:)

went to their concert

was the happiest person on planet earth

was confused by Finnish people


that's Rise Against, and you are buying a seat ticket

the one with, you know, seat:)

how can you listen to Rise Against live while sitting I absolutely do not understand

but a looooooooot of people were sitting and even when Tim offered them to go to us they still were sitting

that's a mystery for me, to go to see your favorite band and sit all the time

with the same success you can turn on HD concert on DVD and with good sound system you will have the same experience


why not to jump, why not to scream, why not to sing, why the hell not to be a part of moshing once in a while

I have glasses, and it is not safe, but I did it twice last time:)

or should I write: EVEN I did it:)

therefore I sincerely don't understand why would you buy a seating place

what I did not like, were the metalheads









foooor real, while we were jumping they were motionless and it was hard not to beat them with my body parts

and I did

and I am not sorry even for a bit


Rise Against were greeeeeat

and problem with the hand did not stop Tim playing once song by himself:)

great sound

great songs (except for two: help is on the way and I don't wanna be here anymore, like coooome oooooooooon, how many shows do you have to have to notice, that people don't really react well to those songs)

when I got home on the last metro train I felt asleep in the dress without being able to change it

woke up at 3AM thinking I NEED TO EAT NOW!!!


my built-in glucose level testing system works perfectly fine for now:)

next morning I did not have a voice, but felt perfectly fine

the day after it I was barely walking, because my body ached so baaaaaaaaaaaaad for that intensive jumping:)

but it was worth it

and here is a simple test of how to understand was the concert good or not: lick your arm after show, if it is salted, everything went good:)

thank you, Rise Against for a wonderful evening!


one day I hope to hear this song live:

and thank you for remembering Dancing for rain that night :)

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