Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Irrational fears

I am a big fan of psychic shows

those ones, where those psychic people feel the other world, see the past, predict the future

I am watching the Russian show Battle of the psychics and every episode they show pictures of dead people

and eeeevery single time I prefer not to look at those pictures


I have absolutely no idea why

I do not believe in ghosts (I still think every "ghost" is a vision of other Multiverse person)

I do not believe that somebody can curse someone to death

or bring love and something like that

I do not believe in it

but eeeeevery siiiiiiingle tiiiiiiime they read some "incantation" I put one of the headphones off not to hear that spell completely

eeeeevery siiiiiingle time they show some "cursed painting" I never look at it longer than a second

I do not watch "cursed videos" and other things

I never look at photos from the crime scene

and I have no idea why

I don't

It does not make any sense since I do not believe in those things

that kind of fear is purely irrational

and still I do that


I am afraid of non existent things rather that real things

that is my problem

I find fear in things I can't see just to have something to be scared of

not a logical thing, if you ask me:)

just like with my fear of yetis

oh yes

I still have that:)

here is a picture of "yeti"

I never really looked precisely at it

not gonna do that tonight as well:)

my eyes run through the picture and rest on the safe right down corner:)

for no apparent reason

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