Friday, October 16, 2015

Looks matter

a looooot

yesterday I was in the bus, when I saw a bug on a window

I was already franticly moving away from the window when I saw that it was a ladybug

and I thought

ooooh, that is a cute bug

now if you remove the red color, the fancy dots and lovely white spots you will have yet another creepy brown or black bug

and you will feel disgusted

but since it looks so nice you don't take it as a bug and you don't feel the need to move away

because it looks so gooood

therefore when somebody tells me "oh, looks don't matter, it is your personality that counts" I feel confused

the little brown bug may be the best bug in the world, but how would you know about that, if you instantly run away from it?

and ladybug may be the biggest bitch in the world, but you will give her a chance, based purely on her beauty

looks matter

not as much as your personality

but they matter

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