Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My food confession

I should probably feel bad

but I do not

I love eating baby food

not long time ago I was in the shop looking for another hand cream and happened to end up in children section

with pampers, baby stuff and baby food and baby cosmetics

I decided that manufactures are not so evil to poison babies and maybe their hand creams are better

so I bought one

and it is gooooooooooooooooooooooooood


then I started thinking maybe their food is also as good

I tried a lot of purees, but did not really liked them

except for one

I eat it every day

it is like perfect food for lazy ass people :)

it consists ONLY of apples

not even water added

you just open it and suck it out without even needing to use plate and knife

and it tastes deliiiiiiicious

I have the world of purees in glass jars ahead of me next:)

but for now I eat that apple puree and different cereals and other dry food

yesterday was carrot rings time :)

looooooooooooooved it

and baby food package is so small that it is perfectly enough for one time and there is no need to keep opened packs

so yeah

I eat baby food on daily basis

and I love it


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