Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sad songs must be banned

Adele wrote new album

and published the first single


I used to like that kind of songs

thought that they help

but the longer I live the more I think they artificially elongate the length of natural grieving

you see, when you break up with somebody you are that extremely sad and empty and betrayed

you need time for healing

and time always helps

but when you are in that situation and you are listening to some sad song hoping it will help you, you actually just taking your sadness to the whole new level

you listen to those songs and you stay in that exact state of mind

you are not healing

you are torturing yourself and most likely until the end of time when you will hear the song that in your brain you linked with some break up, you will reliving the same sad emotions

all over again


I have one for myself

when I was young and not so smart and was in love with someone not even living in Estonia :)


I was not that good in English when I chose my suffering song :)

good song, but everytime I hear it, I instantly remember that boy

never ending story

and girls tend to do that

grieve the dead love

Adele is not helping

like every other sad song writer

they make you suffer for much longer

leaving you with non dying memories that you linked to the song

if you are sad don't listen to those kind of songs

they will poison your life and make you even more sad

there are a lot of happy songs about break ups

my favourites are Michael Buble for cheating bastards and Simple Plan for "it just happened so"

find something good in something bad

Adele kind of songs won't help you with that

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