Monday, October 26, 2015

Weird metro ride

I like metro

I like weird people I meet there

but yesterday was kinda shocking evening metro trip

first of all there was an 50-something not black, not white, but that in-between Arab or somebody like him, you know, with the skin colour that make you wanna wash his face saying: your face is dirty

I am living next to the last metro stop

so I was enjoying going through 9gag on my phone

after a while I felt a heavy look

and it was that arab

staring at me

I gave him my furious look while rolling my eyes and kinda forgot about him


when he stood up to leave the train his pants were wet

in that specific place

I would like to think, that he pissed himself, but the dry empty seat under his butt tells me I am wrong


you know


I somehow thought that you need a little help from your hand to do that

or any kind of physical touch

but apparently I was wrong


but that's okaaaaaaaaay


not okay was the next person I saw in the same train

I am still not sure if he was a person

you see

yesterday I was watching my favourite Russian TV show "Battle of  the psychics" and in that episode there was a story about my most favourite thing in the world: Yeti!


I did my best and watched it until the end

the story was about a female yeti who was raped by men and had a son after that

half yeti, half man

they showed the pictures of that female yeti in the dress and her son

I looked at that picture

rookie mistake

scared the shit out of me, but he looked just like a little bit too hairy person (with head bigger than we have)

so imagine my surprise when in the train I saw the man who looked almost identical to that half yeti from the show

I almost dropped my phones and damn I wanted to run from that

my heart was beating way too fast :)

here is my drawing masterpiece that I drew in Skype:


if he took metro and he was leaving the train on the last metro stop, then he is probably leaving next to me

when I finally left that train I was in shock and that dirty man did not seem like the worst person in the world

at least he was human

and I seriously doubt that yeti man was a man

today at morning I saw two more similar men who were not so yeti like, but still looked kinda doubtful

I never saw them before

and I think maybe they are "refugees"

but they scare the shit out of me

because they look like half-yeti people



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