Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are you leaving the sinking ship?

repairing our ship will be much easier

and productive

I am talking about Espoo Blues now

Malmivaara (amazing defenseman), Kantola (I looooved looking at his play, was our forward), Tikkinen (another amazing forward) and now Liivik left as well


I had mental breakdown when my CRAPtain Rick Nash left our sinking Columbus team

he kinda left me wondering "does the team mean nothing to you, if you leave it in the hardest, darkest time?"


apparently hockey is not a sport anymore

but a job

and who pays you more, gets you

Liivik was our "A" badge man

left to our enemy team (we play in the neighbour cities)



he played there years ago, but then joined our team (we probably paid him more)

now he is going back to his team

they probably offered him more

money and fame whore?

and the longer I watch hockey

the more I understand that with good money you can have any player in the world

hockey is business

no dignity there

remember the ugly escape from Ottawa?


who was there for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears

the symbol of Senators

left his last season

because "he wanted a chance to win Stanley Cup"

leaving his own team

I do not understand that

nor do I intend to learn the names and the positions of the players anymore

from now my knowledge is "The Goaltender, The Captain, The Cutie pie"

I'm loyal to the team

but not to players

to those who left: good luck in your new teams!

to those who stayed: we are going to play better each game

and those who made evil jokes about us, will be wearing out scarf soon


Tää on Espoo

and we had amazing game yesterday

and we are going to have them even more now

less penalty minutes now for sure


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