Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't trust the bus stop lady

almost every morning I see an old lady on the bus stop next to my building

the buses in the morning are a rare phenomenon here, therefore the first time I saw here I though, oh, good, the bus is coming soon and my lazy ass always prefers taking one short ride over walking for 6 minutes to metro :)

so I waited with her

and waited

then realized my metro train already left

and I was still waiting with that bus stop lady :)

I left while she was still standing there

I still see her almost every morning

sometimes the bus comes right away, most of the times it does not

but she is always there

creating illusion of soon coming bus


and now the conclusion: the person showing you the way is not always right

the person can be just standing there for no obvious reason

or the person can have all the time in the world to stand there

it is extremely stupid to trust somebody

everybody has different reasons for doing the same thing as you

you can always chose the easy way (you see the lady, you expect a bus)

and for some of you it may work (you are not late and can wait the shit of time until the bus comes)

but you should not depend on other people to make a decision you need to make

and I am not talking about buses anymore:)

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