Monday, November 30, 2015

Squeaky leather

I have couple of faux leather dresses

for the reasons yet unknown sometimes they are starting making squeaky sounds

I read recommendations about how to get that off

all of those recommendations demanded a lot of time or a lot of money

I am self proclaimed lazy ass

I am looking for an easy way out:)

therefore forget about super expensive silicone gels, leather sprays that leave shiny marks, leather conditioners and other expensive thing, that smell like hell, cost like Ferrari and you have to be super careful not to spit that thing everywhere (and you have to use it on all of your dress, because in other way you will have ugly spots on it)

then I read about some home things

oils mostly

I don't like to use oils, because they are so hard to deal with

then I read one comment, that was written as a joke, recommending to use WD-40, because that thing can fix anything

and I looooooooooooooove WD-40

it is like my unreasonable love for aluminium

I just love it for some reason

probably, because deep down I am a robot


anyways, was that joke or not, but I had that picture from one of the best movies eeeveeeer Sunshine

that part, when they were repairing the shield of the ship

that part from 1:30

I use that picture in my mind, when I have headaches and try to shut them down

I close the panels in my brain

so I thought


if my dress makes squeaky sound

then something need to close those squeaky panels of that dress

and why the hell not WD-40 spray?:)

and you know what?


I took off the excessive WD-40 with paper towels and the dress is silent now

both of them

no marks

no smell

no money spent (everybody have that spray can at home, mystery thing)

therefore: before buying expensive silicone things try old good WD-40

for faux leather dresses it fit


most likely for the real one it will help as well :)

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