Thursday, December 31, 2015

Apulanta's man is in my team

the team with a huge hole

that can not be healed


noooot in the heart, you little sad people

in a lip:)

saw a video, and now Finnish band Apulanta is in my favorite band list

only because we share the same type lip hole that can be seen even after the labret (or maybe he wore a lip ring, I don't know) was removed


I have the same hole

do I regret having lip piercing?

not even a bit:)

I loved it when I got it, I loved it while I wore it and I still miss it sometimes, even though I took it off only 3 or 4 years ago

but I do think, that maaaaay be, juuuuust maaaaaay be, I will surgically remove it

but most likely I won't

because it is barely seen :)

what I will remove for sure, is one of my tattoos, I never liked it and making it was a mistake (still don't understand how the hell did I let the man with shaking hands do that, maybe because he had good reputation and lots of tattoo fest wins and diplomas)

I already found a clinic, need to save some money to remove it, thaaaaaank my brain, for getting it in black and in small size, removing it won't be super expensive

I do think about getting a new one

the image of it just had not been born yet in my brain

but I am feeling, that it is in progress :)

valooot pimeyksieeen reunoillaaaa

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